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Seeking a Caregiver for my Daughter

Alas, my daughter and I are looking — again — for a caregiver for her. Her last caregiver was great, but health problems forced her to have to scale back. So, here we are again… We’re looking for a younger

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When art comes from people who aren’t “artists”

John Quarello, the brother of a good friend, has a blog on which he displays and discusses sketches, paintings, and sculptures he has created. I love his work, and I’m always amazed when people who are not professional artists and

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Can’t Deactivate Trackpad in Leopard — A (Lame) Workaround

Almost a year ago, I became a “switcher” — someone who abandons the PC and Windows for the Macintosh and Mac OS. I joined the party as of the “Leopard” release of Mac OS X. I have dutifully installed the

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